1. What is Wain?

Wain is a platform that helps retailers create their online store and market their products.

3. How can I register?

By clicking on the "login" button at top right of the web page and filling the required information. Please sure to select "vendor" or "customer" when registering.

5. Can I buy products through Wain?

Currently products cannot by purchased through Wain. However, the website allows customer to find retailers that sells products that customers are looking for and provides contact information and location of store.

2. Is registration required?

Registration is not required for customers but recommended as it allows using wishlist and other functions. For vendors, registration is required to create the online store.

4. What type of products does Wain accept?

Currently, Wain displays Home Construction, specifically electrical and plumbing products in Saudi Arabia.

6. What are the regions covered by Wain?

Currently, Wain is covering Dhahran, Khobar and Dammam and will expand in the future to cover remaining cities in Saudi Arabia and GCC.

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